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Terms and Conditions


Once you register for the course the fees incurred are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have any questions, please contact us by email before registering for any courses: 


Registration rules

The registration rules for the various programs and courses offered by (GFE) the Expert Training Group School are:


1. Registration in the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR)

You must obtain a CIPR registration number, in order to allow the GFE school to confirm to the provincial securities commission that you successfully completed the chosen LLQP program.

To obtain an CIPR registration number, please click on the following link:


2. Rules and conditions in case of abandonment or cancellation

Once purchased the program is non-cancellable and non-transferable.

3. Registration duration

The maximum duration of all LLQP programs is 1 year, starting from the date of registration.

4. Conditions for extension of an inscription

The course will not be extended beyond one year. If a student did not complete the program within the year they will have to register again as a new student.




1. Course material and certification exams:

The course material is protected by copyright and remains the exclusive property of the student receiving it. It cannot be transferred or used for other purposes. Under no circumstances shall the content of the examinations be unveiled

2. Certification of Success:

Students must obtain at least 60% in order to successfully pass the program (certification). This information will be recorded in the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR).

3. Exam Re-write:

The student can re-write the certification exam twice at no cost. However, a $50 (plus tax) fee will be charged per additional rewrites.


Protection of information

The (GFE) School Expert Training Group reserves the right to use and retain the information collected during registration to ensure the administration and management of the courses.

See the Privacy Policy page of our website for more details.


Provincial Securities Commission Rules

Periods of validity of training and exams

The certificate exam is only valid for one year. If more than a year has passed since you completed the LLQP course and you have not passed the LLQP exam, you must complete a new qualifying course before you can write the exam. 


LLQP Exam Re-write Policy

If you do not pass the same module of the LLQP exam in your first three attempts, you must wait three months after your third unsuccessful attempt, before you are eligible to re-write the exam module.

If you do not pass the same module on your fourth attempt, you must wait an additional three months after the date of your fourth unsuccessful attempt.

If you do not pass the same module on your fifth attempt, you must wait an additional six months. This six-month waiting period will also apply for each subsequent unsuccessful attempt at the same module (measured from the date of your most recent attempt).

Waiting periods apply to individual LLQP exam modules, and not to the entire exam.


An enrolment in the program or courses means an understanding of the terms, conditions and rules of registration.